Worst War Movies

Published on September 6th, 2012 | by Chris


Worst War Movies Challenge

OK, so after watching the completely awful Air Strike, a thought occurred to me.  There has got to be a list of the worst war movies ever made, right? Well, actually there are several.  Unfortunately 95% of them include a lot of not-terribly awful movies, just ones that the author didn't like.  I'm talking ones that are universally panned as the bottom of the barrel.  The movies that you've never heard of because nobody wants to talk about them.  Simply being historically or technically inaccurate just doesn't qualify.  I'm talking "Hell Raiders" bad.

Well, lucky for me, IMDB provides a pretty good answer on their Best/Worst "War" Titles page, near the bottom.  There are a few worthy titles on this page as well.

The problem, it seems, is that only about half of these seem to be able to be found.  I've been able to find a few on Netflix, a couple through, um, other channels as it were, and a couple look like they're on Youtube....

Ah, we shall see just how bad it can get. I'll start this weekend with the venerable 1980's classic Iron Eagle, and 1976's Hustler Squad.

World War II: Allied Command learns that in 60 days three Japanese generals and an admiral party at a bordello on a tiny Philippine island. It's fortified and hard to attack, so a creative, cynical major gets the assignment to figure something else. With the help of Paco, a Filipino guerrilla leader, the major devises a plan to put four women assassins among the prostitutes. He must recruit and train them, convince his general that an unarmed woman can best a man, and get them on the island. The rest is up to them. An imprisoned killer, a nurse with a fatal disease, a chippie on the lamb from the mob, and a Filipina whom the Japanese assaulted are his team. Can they do it?

I can't wait.  Other titles include USS Seaviper, Invaders of the Lost Gold, and Ski Troop Attack.  I hope to make Dr. Forrester proud!

So, I put it to you faithful readers.  Got any more suggestions?  Keep in mind that they HAVE to be completely MST3K-worthy for me to consider adding them.

I will update this post with a list of the movies viewed, stay tuned.

Update 9/8/12: OK, here's the list so far.  I've also dug back in the archives and found a few I've already watched (and will not watch again!)  Where the title is linked, that'll be my review.

Watched already:

Haven't watched yet:

  • Platoon Leader (1988) - IMDB
  • Ski Troop Attack (1960) - IMDB
  • Invaders of the Lost Gold  This is not a war movie.  It does suck in incredible new and interesting ways.  But it is not a war movie.
  • Iron Eagle II-II-IV
  • All the Missing in Action Movies... (Missing in Action I ain't bad, guys)
  • Bulletproof (1988) (reader recommended!)
  • When Eagles Strike (another reader suggestion)

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I've been watching war movies for probably 25 years now. Since December 2006 I've been sharing my habit and passion for these movies here on this site.

11 Responses to Worst War Movies Challenge

  1. phugoid says:

    All the Iron Eagles franchise…

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  4. BDR says:

    Personally, my least favorite war movie (and movie, in general) of all time would have to be the five-hour cut of Das Boot. That was a true endurance test.

    Anyway, if you’re looking for war movies that are generally considered bad in the traditional sense, I’d recommend the so-bad-they’re-good classics Bulletproof (1988) and When Eagles Strike (2003), the latter I would consider the Plan 9 from Outer Space of war films.

  5. Chris says:

    Awesome, BDR. Added both of those to my NF queue… Thx!

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  11. Aleksandar says:

    Act of valor kind a sucks, it’s like reviewing a recruiting poster.

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