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Flame and Citron (2008)

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Ole Christian Madsen

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On February 7, 2013
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Dark, Brooding, Suspenseful, Violent, Unrelenting... Just the way I like them.

Flame and Citron (2008)Flame and Citron is a very brooding, dark, and quite depressing movie about two members of the Danish resistance during WWII, "Flammen" (Thure Lindhardt), so named for his red hair... and "Citronen" (Mads Mikkelsen) so named because, well, I guess because of his sour personality.  Just guessing.

The movie depicts their actions as they gun down Nazi's and their sympathizers in the streets, with the usual and expected amount of seriousness.  The plot thickens when SS Commander Hoffman (Christian Berkel) appears, providing them with their arch-nemesis, and primary target, despite calls to contrary from the resistance leadership, and from the Communist party officials....

The pair is shown in conflict between what they feel they must do as good Danish citizens, and what the resistance leaders tell them, what the government tells them, and what the Allied influences ask of them....  There are moments where you know they're right, but yet they're still wrong (such as getting revenge for a Nazi retaliation killing)....  At times the violence simply begets more violence.  True, ugly, but it makes for a good story.

Also in the mix is Ketty, (Stine Stengade), a double agent who gets involved with Flame and provides yet another level of suspense and intrigue into the fray.  Who is she really working for? What is her role in all of this?

As dark and brooding and depressing as this movie is, I actually liked it.  I liked it primarily because of the mood, which never lets up.  Not for a minute.  Mikkelsen especially just has a presence here that is crushing.  There is no levity here, and that's as it should be.  The suspense and intrigue also are top-notch in my opinion.  "Trust no-one" could have been the motto of the movie, if the X-Files hadn't subverted it already.

I don't really want to spoil the ending, but you can probably guess it doesn't end on a high note.  And you'd be right.  The final scenes, while maybe a big indulgent are still quite to-the-point.

Not one for the kids, because of the graphic and unapologetic violence, some sex and nudity, lots of way serious moments, but mainly because I doubt it would hold much interest.  If you're going in expecting lots of car chases, explosions, and Bond-style antics, don't bother.  Well, and its entirely in Danish and German, so there's that.

Speaking of Bond....  (Trivia time!)  Interesting to note that Mars Mikkelsen (as Le Chiffre) and Jesper Christiansen (as Mr. White) both appear in this movie, much as they did in "Casino Royale."

Going with 4/5 for Flame and Citron. Simply because I love a good dark depressing broody tale of justice, revenge, murder and suspense.

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  • Thure Lindhardt
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  • Mads Mikkelsen
  • Stine Stengade


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Flame and Citron (2008) Chris

Summary: Dark, Brooding, Suspenseful, Violent, Unrelenting... Just the way I like them.


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  1. the war movie buff says:

    Agree. One of my favorite Resistance movies. Mikkelson is mesmerizing and you can see why he made the jump to movies like “Casino Royale” (much to the despair of Daniel Craig’s genitalia).

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