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Published on January 13th, 2013 | by Chris


The Objective (2008)

Movie directed by:
Daniel Myrick

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On January 13, 2013
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A dark trip into the desert in search of an ancient evil weapon.... with an awful ending.

The Objective (2008)The Objective was originally part of my Horror-themed War Movies list from back in October, but I was bored and I figured what the hell... so here we are.  Actually it turned out to be not a bad little movie, despite a very strange premise and confusing ending.

In November, 2001, CIA operative Ben Keynes (Jonas Ball) is sent back to Afghanistan where he originally helped the Mujahedin fight the Soviets.  This time, he's been sent after the source of a strange radioactive signature that was seen from orbit.  With the help of a specially recruited special forces squad, led by Chief Hamer (Matthew R. Anderson) they set off into the Afghan desert in search of... well in search of whatever it was.  They pick up a local guide Abdul (Chems-Eddine Zinoune) and their strange journey begins.

First attacked by a disappearing "ghost squad" in a mountain pass, then led in circles with no communications, or compass, the conflict internal to the squad, their surroundings, and the mysterious force grows.  The great thing is here, its done really well.  None of the usual crossover movie cheese or posturing, no really bad dialog or forced humor.  This movie is emotionally dark in tone, and never really leaves that.  The narration by Keynes only helps to solidify that stark hopelessness....  But I'm digressing.

Once things start getting really ugly, Keynes finally spills the true nature of their mission.  They're in search of some alien or supernatural super weapon (hence, "The Objective") that has existed here since the time of Alexander the Great and before.  Implying that this force is the reason that this country has been so difficult to conquer.

How does it end?  Well, suffice to say it was a giant let down.  Not at all what I was expecting, and it made no sense whatsoever given the rest of the movie.

For a "B" movie (I don't recall this being released on the big screen) its actually a really well done production.  The acting, as I mentioned, is never bad, although nobody's going to be getting awards here.  Mostly importantly, I bought it, I was able to "suspend my disbelief."

The Objective does get a bit graphic in a couple of spots, but not terribly bad overall.  I'm going to give it a good 6/10.  I would go higher but the WTF ending ruined what was otherwise an enjoyable film.  But then I rather enjoy this sort of "supernatural" crossover stuff, so as they say, YMMV.

The Objective

The Objective The Objective
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The New Nightmare from the Co-Creator of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECTAfghanistan, November 2001: Two months after 9/11, a CIA operative leads a hardcore U.S. Special Forces squad on a classified mission deep into harsh and hostile Taliban territory...

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The Objective (2008) Chris

Summary: A dark trip into the desert in search of an ancient evil weapon.... with an awful ending.


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