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Waiting For Dublin (2007)

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Roger Tucker

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A totally outlandish, unbelievable, yet hilarious and touching story that enjoys itself, and was quite enjoyable to experience.

Waiting For Dublin (2007)When Mike Clarke (Andrew Keegan) and his co-pilot "Twickers" (Hugh O'Conor) get shot down and forced to land in neutral Ireland, just days before the end of the war, you'd think his troubles would be over, right?  Wrong.  In Waiting For Dublin, Mike finds himself in a particular quandry.   I happened to like this movie, apparently that puts me in the minority of those who have seen it, but I thought it was just flat out a fun, and funny movie.

The catch to Mike's problem, is that before he left the States, he made a wager with the nephew of Al Capone a bet.  That he would shoot down five enemy planes.  Problem is, he's only shot down four to date.  The solution?

Also downed in the same village, is German pilot "Dinky" (Jenne Decleir) and his aircraft.  Dinky's got no particular desire to re-enter the war, and agrees to let Mike "shoot him down" in order to get that fifth kill.  The ensuing attempts at this endeavor are both outlandish and hilarious, and provide the bulk of the humor throughout the film.  When was the last time you tried to shoot down a fighter with a .... nope, you'll have to watch yourself!

He also meets a fetching redhead (in Ireland? no!), Maggie (Jade Yourell), and the two engage in a romance that is itself full of outlandish, ironic, and funny moments.

Then there is Kluge, the German operative who is en route to capture Dinky and put him back into service.  The attempts by the local constabulatory to keep Kluge at bay as long as possibly could only be Irish, and provide yet more unique humor to the mix.

It does, unfortunately fall into that "lets put as much chaos as possible into the ending" trap, in an attempt to be even more funny, but somehow that doesn't ruin it like has happened with other movies.

Look, I'm being as vague as possible because I think you should really watch this movie.  I thought it was hilarious in a certain Irish/British (yes I said it, sue me!) sort of dry witty manner.  No it doesn't seem plausible in any way at all that I can think of, but that's not the point at all.  It doesn't try to be serious, neither does it take itself seriously.  You can tell just by watching, that everyone involved had a simply amazing time making the movie.  I count that for quite a lot.  At the same time, they all did a fantastic job of it.  Production was right up there, and there are some fantastic shots of the Irish countryside and other scenery that should turn up your eye.

I'm going to go out on a limb and give Waiting For Dublin a 7/10.  It's unique blend of heart and comedy, spoke volumes to me about this movie.  Not only that, but by-and-large its family friendly.  Mostly.

Waiting for Dublin

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Chicago Nightclub New Year s Eve 1944. Lt. Mike Clarke is a fighter pilot and is celebrating the night before he is scheduled to ship out to Europe. After too many drinks, he meets a stranger, Vito Massucci, who suckers him into making a $1,000 bet...

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Waiting For Dublin (2007) Chris

Summary: A totally outlandish, unbelievable, yet hilarious and touching story that enjoys itself, and was quite enjoyable to experience.


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