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Published on January 6th, 2013 | by Chris


Final Mission (1994)

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Lee Redmond

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On January 6, 2013
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Yet another VR movie that misread the future....

Final Mission (1994)Remember the 90's? When everything was going to go "cyber" and "virtual reality" was going to take over and we were all going to walk around with headsets and goggles and stuff?  Yeah, well, then they made movies like Final Mission and then the whole thing went away.  Which was a good thing, unfortunately remnants of that era remain.....  Like Final Mission.

Sigh, I'm not even sure where to begin in trashing this movie.  The cheesy dialogue?  The crummy effects? The outlandish premise, plot, and resolution? The acting?

Here's the basics.  Air Force designs this virtual reality piloting system that (of course) is supposed to improve piloting abilities by providing overlays and crappy resolution graphic representation of the terrain and air in the pilots helmet.  No problem.  Hey, we all bought it, right? It was '94.  Come on.

What they didn't tell them was that there was a series of "secret" codes that were programmed into the system, and that when they flash these codes at the pilots they would then turn into mindless zombies and do whatever they were ordered to do without question.  Yup.  Either that or they'd essentially "lock up" and fly into the side of a mountain.  Which is what happens.

"Outlaw" (Billy Wirth) begins to suspect that something else is up, and takes up with Caitlin (Elizabeth Gracen) who just happens to be one of the founders of the project, who doesn't want it subverted by the evil General Breslaw (Corbin Bernsen. Really? Come on, Bernsen!)

The rest is predictable.  A few more missions, a little sex, a little intrigue, and then the "final mission" (ha) where they shut down the system, and figure out a way around it.... as Breslaw himself tries to complete his goal of assassinating SecDef....

Ugh.  If it weren't for the entire "VR" thing that this is based on, it might have proved at least fun.   The Final Mission of this movie, though, will be to hold up the other movies in the $2 bargain bin.  I'm not going to go so far as putting it in the Worst War Movie Challenge, but a few more corny lines and bad CG scenes might have done it.

Final Mission Final Mission
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  • Billy Wirth
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  • Richard Bradford
  • Corbin Bernsen


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Final Mission (1994) Chris

Summary: Yet another VR movie that misread the future....


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