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Published on November 12th, 2012 | by Chris


Spoils of War (2009)

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What an incredibly dull, confusing, terrible, yet somehow intriguingly hilarious movie. MST3K material.

Spoils of War (2009)Damn.  I wasn't planning on adding any new entries to the Worst War Movies Challenge...  But I'm afraid Spoils of War forced its way on there.  I tried to stop it, but I was powerless to resist.

The basic premise is basically the flipside to 2007's The Counterfeiters.   The Nazis are making gobs of fake British Pounds in an attempt to destabilize the British economy.  This squad (and I don't even remember their names, neither do I care) is challenged with getting in, destroying the money, and capturing a German officer in the process.  In capable hands, I could see this actually being a fair movie.  In capable hands.

But this, no, what have you done?  Completely incapable actors (sorry, guys, I couldn't help it) including the worst attempt at a British accent I think I've ever heard.  Historical and physical inaccuracies too many to list (just search this movie on the net, and start reading.)...  A soundtrack that sounds like something out of a 1980's Nintendo game....   Seemingly random interruptions with stock footage....  Some of these work well in the context of the movie, but a 1950's TV spot for Lucky Strikes?  Wha?  I didn't get this at all.  Then some completely random sequence later on....  I pretty much gave up paying close attention at that point.

But the battle scenes.  Oh, brother.  Forget that most of them appear to just be there to fill in time, and that they all start with the same "papers please" exchange.  They're simply not exciting.  They hold their prop weapons and pretend to fire them, while the CG guys badly draw muzzle flashes and dirt/snow strikes.  Um, guys, real weapons have recoil and eject shells?  They also eventually run out of bullets.  You also tend to involuntarily squint and do other things that you guys just didn't do.  They just sit there waving it back and forth.  My favorite was the MG42, in this movie, when fired, it lies perfectly still and fires (literally) an endless stream of bullets without overheating!  I've seen this effects technique used mainly in Japanese samurai movies, for blood splatters, sword strikes, etc.  A lot cheaper and potentially more effective than makeup and effects artists.....  Not so much here.

Oh, back to the plot.  Well of course, you can't look at that much cash and not be morally conflicted.  I think that's what happened, but like I said I had to struggle to give a damn by this point.  The German officer they were supposed to capture winds up being a decent guy and actually helps them escape.  Oh, and speaking of escape...  "Hey, who left this plane here in the middle of the woods?  Let's just take off with it.  In the middle of the woods."  The End.

I would suggest not watching Spoils of War.  Apologies to everyone involved with this thing, for many, many different reasons.

Spoils of War

Spoils of War Spoils of War
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Hidden deep behind the enemy lines of Nazi-occupied Europe is millions of American counterfeit dollars. On the verge of flooding the U.S. economy to destabilize the Allied war effort, it is up to five American soldiers to kidnap the head of Operation Bernhard and destroy the phony currency before it is too late...

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Spoils of War (2009) Chris

Summary: What an incredibly dull, confusing, terrible, yet somehow intriguingly hilarious movie. MST3K material.


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