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Age of Heroes (2011)

War Movie directed by:
Adrian Vitora

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On November 9, 2012
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The perfect blend of modern war/action movie and classic "commando raid" formula movie.

Age of Heroes (2011)Now we're talking, a good old fashioned World War II "Commando Raid" movie.  I like it! And I liked Age of Heroes.

Rewind a bit to just before Dunkirk, when British Corporal Bob Rains (Danny Dyer) fights his way back to friendly territory with a handful of his unit.  He then refuses to go back out, and is imprisoned back in England for his insubordination.  Oh, and striking an officer.

Enter Major Jack Jones (Sean Bean), who is piecing together a commando unit to raid a German radar installation in Norway, and bring back some of that juicy new radar technology.  He visits the prison Rains is in, to "acquire" another man, but Rains has other plans, and "convinces" (if you can call it that) Jones to take him along also.

They train in the wild for a bit, along with the usual suspects, including the hard-ass Lt. Steinar (Aksel Hennie), the technical advisor and not-so-much-a-commando Rollright (John Dagliesh) and Lt. Cdr. Ian Fleming running the whole operation back home (James D'Arcy) ... whose name should ring a bell.  (It will in a bit.)

Rains proves his worth to the unit, and is allowed to go on the mission, which is not without its missteps.  Mainly they completely miss their target and wind up paired with native Jensen (Izabella Miko) instead of their designated contact.  Their mere presence gets a local (but sympathetic) farm family killed, and in fact we find ourselves back at this farm at the end.  The raid is nearly a success, but as these things often happen, doesn't turn out that way.

I'm not going to mince words here, I found this to be the perfect blend of classic formula commando-raid movie and modern war/action movie.  I liked it from start to finish.  All of the cast were just brilliant in their roles, of course most notably the principals Bean and Dyer.  It was well-paced, never dull, never "over actioned" and actually had several well thought out sequences.  I found all of the characters interesting, or at the very least, never annoying or out of sorts....  Dammit, man, I just liked this movie.

If it has its flaws, it would be the at-times extremely heavy handed soundtrack.

That name, Ian Fleming, ring a bell yet?  Well it should, as it turns out this is the story of the early days of No. 30 Commando Unit.  A unit formed (yes, in real life) by the 007 James Bond creator in 1942.   I did not know this until now.  See, war movies can be fun and educational!  Ok, so maybe it didn't happen.  Or did it? Maybe it was so classified that nobody will ever know!! It doesn't matter.

I'm not sure why this gets such average ratings everywhere else I've seen it, unless its because it does adhere to that basic "commando raid" formula in such a close fashion.  But in my opinion, that's what makes it such a great trip.  I think I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did, which is maybe adding a bit to my overall 4/5 score for Age of Heroes.

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Age of Heroes (2011) Chris

Summary: The perfect blend of modern war/action movie and classic "commando raid" formula movie.


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