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The Devil’s Rock (2011)

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a fun 83 minutes of schlocky gore and demonic Halloween fun set against the backdrop of WWII Europe.

The Devil's Rock (2011)When Allied commandos and New Zealanders Ben Grogan (Craig Hall) and Joe Tane (Karlos Drinkwater) arrive at "The Devil's Rock," a secluded corner of the Channel Islands to take out a German gun emplacement, they have no idea what they are in for.

They arrive to the sounds of screaming, and find a bloody mess inside, including one survivor, SS Col. Klaus Meyer (Matthew Sunderland) and one other....

A shape-shifting, flesh-eating demon (Gina Varela) that has taken the visage of Grogan's deceased wife.  See, turns out the Nazi's summoned this lovely creature up in the hopes of using her as a weapon, but (of course) underestimated the can of worms they were opening.  (Yeah because summoning up demons always ends well.  I mean, what can go wrong?)

Eh, what's there to say about this really.  Its a fun 83 minutes of schlocky gore and demonic Halloween fun set against the backdrop of WWII Europe.  The "Nazi Occult" angle is one that shows up quite often in these type of films (the Raiders of the Lost Ark nod was good for a laugh) and for good reason.  It's not without its basis in reality. (I won't go into it here.)

But you may as well take reality and chuck it out the window if you're going to have any fun with this one.  Make sure your stomach is prepared because its not without any small measure of gore.  Its not even particularly scary, though, even during the "Exorcist" like ritual sequence.  More shock than awe I guess.

The cast does a decent enough job with what they're given.  Both Hall and Sunderland are great in their respective roles.  Varela, while making a fine showing as the "sexy demon" in shape-shifted form, falls a bit short when dressed up in the "native" form.  Over-the-top red makeup and a couple of horns didn't convince me.  (And what's with that one scene, anyway? You know, the "open wide" one.... I mean, what?)

The ending?  Well, lets just say they dropped the ball in a major way on this.  I don't know if they were or still are counting on a sequel or what, because there really isn't an ending.  It just kind of leaves you going, "Yeah, OK, that was nice" and that's about it.  A little resolution on the part of our hero, in any direction, would have been nice.

I'm giving The Devil's Rock a 3/5, on production, premise, and some refreshing restraint.  It's not bad, by any means, but I was hoping for a little more scary and a little less guts.

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Two Kiwi commandos are assigned to the Channel Islands to blow up a giant gun at a beach head fortress. But once inside the foreboding structure they hear unearthly screams and investigate the dark tunnel system to discover the cause...

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The Devil’s Rock (2011) Chris

Summary: a fun 83 minutes of schlocky gore and demonic Halloween fun set against the backdrop of WWII Europe.


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