War Movie News Cat Sh*t One, aka Apocalypse Meow is online!

Published on March 20th, 2009 | by Chris


Apocalypse Meow!

OMG This looks too good to be true.  I'll let the links speak for themselves!!

Director: Kazuya Sasahara
Original Manga (released in the USA as Apocalypse Meow): Motofumi Kobayashi
Format: 23 min. 12 episodes
Target Viewers: Survival game fans and military fans
Anticipated Customers: Clients who are looking to invest in imaging contents that are on a par with those by PIXAR

Plan Objective: The concept of this work is the development of real and fierce combat by cute and fluffy animals. In these days when people have become too used to seeing people die in movies, we wish to use cute animals as the characters to give viewers a stronger feeling of the misery of the wars that are taking place in this world.

Link: An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla: TAF - Best of Show - Cat Shit One: The Animated Series
Link: Apocalypse Meow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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