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Published on September 24th, 2008 | by Chris


In The Army Now (1994)

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On September 24, 2008
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If you've never seen In The Army Now, (probably because you hate Shore!) then just overcome it and take a look.

In The Army Now (1994)Kind of like that quote from Beetlejuice, "it just gets funnier, every time I see it!!"  Yeah, so I like Pauly Shore's In The Army Now.  Not because I'm a child of the late 80s and early 90s, but just because it really is funny, and its got a decent story and isn't too far fetched.  Well, not compared to some disastrous military-themed comedies (like, say, Delta Farce...)

Perennial slacker and altogether oddball Bones Conway (Pauly Shore) convinces his friend Jack (Andy Dick) that the solution to their problems is to sign up for the Army Reserves.  Insert the usual comedic-basic training routine here, where they meet up with fellow water-purifiers Christine (Lori Petty) and dentist Fred (David Alan Grier)...and then they return to the real world....

...and are subsequently called up to a mythical conflict between the African nations of Chad and Libya.  Thrown into the mess over there, their convoy is attacked while they struggle to fix a flat on their truck, and proceed to get lost in the desert, captured by Libyans, escape by providence, and have to execute the mission that the special forces couldn't complete.

If only to prove in typical hollywood fashion that the slackers can actually get the job done.  Lauded as heroes, they return to civilization to start the store they dreamed of, complete with camel in tow.

Now, I know what you're thinking, he likes it??  Yeah.  Despite Pauly Shore.  Really, he leaves a lot of his MTV schtick behind in this one, with it only making a few well-timed and not too inappropriate appearances.  This isn't Encino Man, Bio Dome, or Son-in-Law.  Hate to say it, but he's actually not bad here.  The supporting cast does a fine job of doing just that, as well.

You also have to give kudos for trying to fill in a gap that really went unfilled for the most part, trying to pay some sort of homage to the veterans of Desert Storm (this is '94 remember) without making it too cornball.  I think they managed to do that well, what with the reserves angle and all.  The settings and equipment really lend an air of authenticity to it.  For a low-budget comedy, I was fairly impressed by that aspect.

If you've never seen In The Army Now, (probably because you hate Shore!) then just overcome it and take a look.  You'll probably be quite surprised.

And yeah, I'm putting it under "Gulf War" movies, since we know that's what they were after....

In The Army Now (1994) Chris

Summary: If you've never seen In The Army Now, (probably because you hate Shore!) then just overcome it and take a look.


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