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Published on August 20th, 2012 | by Chris


Garrison (2008)

Review of: Garrison (2008)

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On August 20, 2012
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Can't recommend this one.

Garrison (2008)Yawn.

Based somewhat on a similar 2002 Fort Bragg murder incident.  Garrison is about a soldier that goes AWOL and murders his buddy's wife/girlfriend/I dunno because she's cheating on said buddy.

The problem?  For one, take a look at that movie cover over there.  It implies that there will be some sort of military action involved in this movie.  Point of fact:  There is none.  Not that I recall anyway. At least nothing worth remembering.  I guess that would involve a budget.  (Did I blink or something because I really don't recall this.)

This whole thing was a waste of time.  I started watching but found myself multi-tasking on the laptop as uh, the one guy (see I don't even remember his name) goes hunting around the strip clubs and junk for his buddy Cross.  That's about the long and short of this one.  "Hey, have you seen Cross? No, have you? No, he might be over there? Yah, lets go look, eh? Sarn (sarn? wtf? oh,  SERGEANT) says we gotta find him. Yah OK."

Actually the strip club scenes were the most exciting parts of this movie, well, for reasons I shouldn't have to tell you.

Just, yawn.  Badly written (OMG the dialog sucks so bad), acted, AND shot.  A lot of these camera shots I was like "REALLY?! That's what you came up with?! Looks like my vacation video!!!"

3/10 because of the reasons above.   Would have gone 4/10 but they couldn't even find chicks to decently act as strippers.  I only imagine the direction on that one.  "OK, get naked and stand over there.  I dunno, move around once and a while or something!"

here's the trailer, for what its worth.  I'm trying to figure out why this is not getting panned at Amazon.  Maybe the director had all his buddies log in and write reviews, I dunno.

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Garrison (2008) Chris

Summary: Can't recommend this one.


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  1. warmoviebuff says:

    Dude, why didn’t you post the minute mark for the strip club?! I’m disappointed in you.

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