1940s Great Guns (1941)

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Great Guns (1941)

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shut off the brain, and prepare to be entertained and laugh.

I am a huge fan of Laurel and Hardy, and was sorely disappointed by their war-time effort, Air Raid Wardens, made a few short years after Great Guns.  They looked worn out, and just sick of it all.  Maybe they'd done one too many USO tours or whatever, I dunno.

Definitely not so here, in 1941's Great Guns.  I don't recall ever seeing this before, and I definitely don't remember "LOL-ing" so much at one of their movies.  Yeah, it really is that good.  The pair are in top-notch form throughout.

Stanley and Oliver are part of the staff of a rather wealthy, and bed-ridden at the behest of his "doctor", man named Daniel Forrester (Dick Nelson.)  Daniel gets drafted, and once out of the care of his so-called doctor, turns out alright.  The pair follow him into the service, to keep an eye on him, and the hilarity ensues.

Expect the usual portfolio of L&H standard humor, but amped up a couple of notches.  From their initial oblivious-ness to the standards of army life, their pet raven Penelope (who winds up saving the day), hitching a ride on the machine gun target, and endless excellently executed and hilarious sight gags....  If you don't laugh at least once, you probably never will, at anything.

The plot? Well, it would have to revolve around Daniel's romantic interest, the base photo-shop operator, Ginger (Sheila Ryan.)  Other than that its purely one comedic loosely-military-based situation after another.

What interests me also, as it relates to war movies and history, is the portrayal of the typical horse-mounted cavalry as late as 1941.  Just a year later would see the last gasp of the horse on the front lines, as the rapid tech boom of WWII proved them obsolete, in favor of the motor pool and mechanized armor.

After the all-too serious (but excellent) The Deer Hunter, I needed to lighten the mood a bit.  So shut off the brain, and prepare to be entertained and laugh.

Laurel and Hardy Collection, Vol. 1 (Great Guns / Jitterbugs / The Big Noise) Laurel and Hardy Collection, Vol. 1 (Great Guns / Jitterbugs / The Big Noise)
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Though Laurel and Hardy fans will attest to the relative weakness of the three films included in this Gift set, Great Guns, Jitterbugs, and The Big Noise, the films still brim with classic Stan and Ollie antics, and more intriguingly, serve as historical markers of American Wartime Cinema...

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Great Guns (1941) Chris

Summary: shut off the brain, and prepare to be entertained and laugh.


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