War Movie News “Dam Busters” Remake, Dog Renamed

Published on June 10th, 2011 | by Chris


“Dam Busters” Remake, Dog Renamed

Yeah, OK, renaming the dog is probably a good idea.

Remaking The Dam Busters? A little confused as to WHY anyone would want to do this.  I mean, its a little slow to start, and I don't think today's audiences would quite appreciate all the development and testing that goes on there....  but really?  It's an excellent movie that really doesn't need remaking! Why?  Oh yeah, because nobody few in the film/TV business have a creative bone in their bodies....

I wonder if the universe will implode with New Dam Busters tipping the hat to Star Wars which was directly influenced by the original Dam Busters?

The 1955 film, which starred Sir Michael Redgrave and Richard Todd, told the story of Barnes Wallis' struggle to develop the bomb and the subsequent raids on Nazi Germany - codenamed Operation Chastise.

The remake is being produced by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.

Link: Dam Busters dog renamed for movie remake

A little reminiscing.....

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9 Responses to “Dam Busters” Remake, Dog Renamed

  1. warmoviebuff says:

    I totally agree. There is no reason for this remake. Aren’t there some great original stories out there waiting to be made? What is particularly distressing is this is the same Jackson that followed up TLOTR with a remake of King Kong! That’s your follow-up? What a waste of talent and time.

  2. So Stephen Fry’s script is renaming the dog from Nigger to Digger. Perhaps Stephen Fry would like to rename the principal person in the film from Guy Gibson to Gay Gibson. That would keep all the PC nuts happy!

    What next: Harvey VIII and his six civil partners, Caligula and Genghis Khan as benign benefactors.

    Stephen Fry you are totally wrong. STICK TO HISTORY and stop playing Orwellian 1984 games.

  3. I have to agree with Barney. I really have a problem with the renaming of the dog!

  4. Scotty says:

    These men fought and died for us, and we remember them by altering history to suit us…? How pathetic.! The dog Nigger, was a real dog, why do we have to pretend we can re-write the past to suit modern sensitivities…. if the tale was not real, I would not care, but to disparrage real men, from a real time in history is a disgrace..

    “At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them….Lest we forget”

  5. the war movie buff says:

    So you would prefer that all the buzz about the movie will be about the dog being named “Nigger”. How does that help commemorate the heroic men? Change the name of the dog because it is meaningless to the story and the controversy would swamp the movie. Watch the original and if you don’t cringe every time the dog is called …

    By the way, I read that Jackson was going to call the dog “Nigsy” which was used by Gibson. That sounds like a good compromise.

  6. Glen Griffiths says:

    It is a great idea to make a new version of the events surrounding our heroic flight crews, for whom many gave their lives. I certainly liked the original, but many of the new generation will not bother to watch any film which is prior to 1980!! Therefore a remake to instill the history and sacrifices made by our brave airmen is long overdue. Those who say it is not necessary are disgracing those who gave their lives, what a selfish and disrespectful way to behave.

  7. grumblewuff says:

    Nowadays people don’t care.

    Get pissed, sniff up another line. Nineteen-forty-three is so-o-o boring man. Get real, get a life, get with it.

  8. War Movie Buff made a really good point that if the name “nigger” is used for the dog, all of the attention will be negative, causing unnecessary controversy. I cringed whenever they called the dog’s name, which was often.
    While I enjoyed the original, I think a remake is a good idea. The story of a scientist’s determination to solve a complex problem that made a large contribution to Allied victory is important, and to be honest, few people under the age of 50 have seen the movie. However, a remake would make more sense if it examined the achievements in precision bombing made by the Dam Busters squadron after the mission against the dams. They did a lot of interesting missions like helping to sink the Tirpitz, destroying U-boat pens, and obliterating factories without harming nearby workers’ dormitories.

  9. kim says:

    Whatever happened to the remake? Have heard nothing about it and its now 2016. Problem with the remake is that a lot of the original places/buildings no longer exist so will they be rebuilt or will they use models and make them look real? Where do you get flying Lancasters these days? Will the producers use models and splice the film with original footage or use footage of the Lancasters flying in the UK and Canada. Here in Australia we have two Lancasters sitting around, not doing much, that could be used. They could be made to fly for a considerable investment, then use Aussies could join the world stage of flying Lancasters. Another ploy is to contact Gate Guardians in the UK who can build a Lancaster, though if you want one to fly then you’d better go elsewhere as their planes just sit on the ground and look nice. And if the producers go along that path, then when they’re finished with the Lancaster the could give it to me to add to my non-existent collection of Lancasters. Over to you Peter Jackson

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