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Published on November 15th, 2007 | by Chris


Redacted (2007)

Review of: Redacted (2007)

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On November 15, 2007
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I'd also like to thank you, Mr. DePalma, for allowing me to hand out my first single star. And hopefully my last. Don't bother with Redacted.

Redacted (2007)Wow.  I'd like to thank Brian DePalma for the experience that was Redacted.  I can really say I am totally blown away.

...Blown away at just how completely awful this movie is.  There aren't words to describe the awfulness that is this... this thing.  I'm not even sure where to start.  But that's not going to stop me from trying.


I had written this big, long, ranting, multi-part, manifesto-like ....thing, which I've subsequently erased, errr redacted even.  (I'll take irony for $200 Alex!)  I'm not going to go there.

I think that's what DePalma wants from Redacted.  A reaction.  Any reaction.  Like a rotten kid being rotten solely to get attention.  "Hey look! I'm still here!"  Well, I think you're going to get it, but not from me.  I'll not recommend this movie to anyone, except as an example of a purely bad piece of failed art/film school schtick.  The writing: bad. The acting: bad.  Production: didn't like it.  If it didn't have DePalma's name on it we'd be poo-poo-ing this off for what it is. The whole faux-documentary thing has yet to be pulled off convincingly, and this is definitely yet another example.

1989's similarly themed Casualties of War was a good movie.  In a lot of ways.  This?  This is just a poor rehash.  It is wailing and finger pointing and DePalma yelling at our current crop of vets, "Baby Killer!".  You should know better than that.  Especially coming from your generation.

I challenge you, Brian.  You want to make a documentary about how war sucks on all sides, and is somewhat fair to both sides, then do that.  Get your ass out there "in the suck" and do that.  Even if you want to make one about how it sucks for only one side, like Redacted, then do that, too.  But don't "imagine" and don't pretend.  Because thats a word that is closely related to "pretentious," which is exactly what I think of Redacted.

And I'd also like to thank you, Mr. DePalma, for allowing me to hand out my first single star.  And hopefully my last.  Don't bother with Redacted.

Redacted Redacted
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Brian De Palma’s ferocious Redacted is one of a number of cinematic protests against the Iraq War and the withholding of information and images about the war from the U.S. public. But it is also shares De Palma’s perennial interest in the relationship between film and violence, a relationship that has changed significantly in the real world because of the Internet, cable news, and the ubiquity of camcorders on the ground in Iraq...

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Redacted (2007) Chris

Summary: I'd also like to thank you, Mr. DePalma, for allowing me to hand out my first single star. And hopefully my last. Don't bother with Redacted.


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